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Winton Heritage Truck and
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A movie and some pictures from
Winton, Queensland

This road train video was taken in Winton Qld late in April 2013.
The road train is moving off from a truck parking area over the railway crossing and on to ........
The end of the video is some of the back paddock of the Winton Truck Museum. Many old trucks of varying ages and condition from restored to amazingly good looking vehicles just cleaned up and enjoying their retirement.

1922 Model T Ford Campervan
Fig1. - 1922 Model T Ford Campervan.
1922 Model T Ford Campervan
Fig2. - 1922 Model T Ford Campervan.
1922 Model T Ford Campervan
Fig3. - 1947 White truck.
1922 Model T Ford Campervan
Fig4. - 1947 White truck.
1922 Model T Ford Campervan
Fig5. - 1964 B61 Mack Truck.
1922 Model T Ford Campervan
Fig6. - 1964 B61 Mack Truck.

Some details about the B61 Mack Truck at Winton.

The B61 was purchased new by Wolf Reimann of South Australia in March 1964 from Champions in Adelaide. Wolf worked the truck for several years working from Cairns Qld to Mt Tom Price WA. He sold it in 1967 to the Petrick and Mengal families of Neutral Junction Station via Barrow Creek in the NT. They pulled 2 trailers with it carting cattle for their own use and also Commercially. They worked this mack for about 10 years before selling it to A A Pastoral Company Rockhampton Downs Station via Tennant Creek NT. It was used by them for carting weaners on the property. In time it needed mechanical repairs so it was carted into Mt Isa where it remained (forgotten) for 10 to 15 years. It was parked in Cliff Alford's yard. Clff sold his business in Mt Isa and moved to Mt Molloy (Qld). He bought the truck, put another motor in it and had it painted. This B61 has never been resored, only tidied up. The battery box is original. The turntable frame is 36 years old. The fuel tanks are original and the tank screw on lids have the initials WR of the original purchaser centre punched on them. The Bull Bar is still at home.