Easter 2020 Not Outing


Trying to make the best of current restrictions, we began planning our Good Friday CAMC Outing on the Thursday Afternoon. Searching for a Mobile Historic Vehicle around our place can be a bit of a challenge, so it didn’t take long to select the Red Renault 12, uncover it and wash the dust off (amazing how much gets under a car cover …).

And the journey began – all in reverse gear! Opening the gate between the “Shed Paddock” and the “House Yard”, it was a tricky little manoeuvre to get through the gate, across the front of the house without damaging any trees, and then a tight 90 degree turn past more trees and the septic tank (don’t want to end up in that!), to deposit the car quite neatly outside the Kitchen Window.

That’s enough for one Day! Next Morning, and after Internet Church, it was time for Morning Tea (actually, we always have Coffee for Morning Tea, but Morning Coffee just doesn’t sound right …). Janet toasted the Hot Cross Buns while I set up the table and chairs. All we had to do then was sit in isolated bliss and enjoy our Virtual Car Club Run.

I wonder what the future holds? Meanwhile, stay safe.